Oxford University Rocketry Society

What do we do?

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We design, build and launch rockets. We typically launch 2-3 rockets a year. We usually participate in the UKSEDS rocketry competition each year with very ambitious designs. This year, we are working on both a hybrid rocket engine (solid fuel and liquid oxidiser) and a thrust vector control rocket (using gimballed rockets to avoid using fins and their associated drag). We also have launched high altitude weather balloons and built a Mars rover (based on curiosity rover design).
Our most recent rocket was a parallel staged rocket. It had one main motor and two boosters. These boosters were designed to detach mid flight, however, unfortunately, there were some issues with the release mechanism, so in order to launch within the window of opportunity, we had to epoxy the boosters in. On launch day, we experienced a malfunction as one of the boosters did not ignite. This caused the rocket to rotate until it had gained enough speed for the fins to counteract this effect. This was not sufficient to stop the rocket ending up over a kilometre away and it was not recovered.



Current Projects

NRA Rocket 2020/21 Thrust Vector Control (TVC) Rocket Hybrid Engine Project
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The rocket this year was built to achieve a higher
and more stable flight than its predecessor.
Particular attention was given to the recoverability
of the rocket through a parachute deployment
Inspired by SpaceX's rockets, we are designing
a model rocket with thrust vectoring that
can be landed after launch, without the
use of a parachute.


Our long term goal is to combine our thrust vector control project (TVC) and our hybrid engine project in order to attempt a powered landing. This is inspired by SpaceX's recoverable boosters that land on their barge (hopefully we will have greater success!). If we achieved this, we would be the first university rocketry society to perform a powered landing, which would be incredible!
We are always open to suggestions for any other projects we should embark on, so feel free to let us know your opinion!

Past Projects (2017-2019)

NRA Rocket 2019/20 Mars Rover High Altitude Weather Balloon
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Our rocket this year was a parallel-staged

rocket that had one main motor and two boosters.

Inspired by the curiosity Mars Rover Design.  


How do I get involved?

We have a variety of ways to get in contact with us: